Mah Leah Cochran

American Red Cross

Moore, Oklahoma, USA

On the afternoon of May 20, 2013, a powerful and devastating EF5 tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma and surrounding areas with winds estimated at 210 mph. 24 people lost their lives that day and 337 more suffered injuries. The widespread devastation meant that many residents were suffering in some way or another. 


From late May through June of 2013, Mah Leah Cochran served as a Client Caseworker for the American Red Cross. She was instrumental in linking residents with services and resources, heard testimonies and helped in any way she could to make their difficult transition into recovery as smooth as possible.


Her experience in Moore has made a lasting impact on her life. In the space of a few short weeks she bore witness to what it means to begin the process of recovery from a disaster so sudden that involved loss on a such a massive scale.

May/June 2013 | Moore, Oklahoma, USA -- Source: Youtube
May/June 2013 | Moore, Oklahoma, USA -- Source: Youtube

Mah Leah Cochran with tornado survivors, Briarwood Elementary School Teacher Gina Janzen and her Family of Moore, Oklahoma

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