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Franklinton Fridays

On the second Friday of each month from 6-10 pm, Join us for a celebration of art, performance, and community.

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Mount Carmel St. Ann’s

Fourth Friday Festival

Uptown Westerville 

Visit "Arts Alley" by The Arts Council of Westerville on West Main Street. They have artists displaying their work, live music, and crafts for the kids! 

Inspirations for Emergence 2022

A definition applied to Emergence is the process of coming into being...


The Emergence 2022 series of fine art collections is a celebration of arrival, birth, advent and inception.

As humanity struggles to cope with the existential crisis of our time, it is perhaps the first time that we are nearly singular in our desire to see a figurative dawning of a new day.

The collections of this series look ahead to that new day with hope, optimism and faith towards the emergence of truth, wisdom and a better way forward for humankind.



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Seen Studios Fresh AIR Gallery

Chromedge Studio #21

Pause + Paint - An interactive, expressive painting process with MahLeah.
Expressive painting is the process of allowing each layer of paint to inform what comes next. Interactive because you will examine how you feel, and express those thoughts on canvas with paint using colors, forms, and lines (abstraction). No previous painting or art experience is required. Just experience the process. Have fun, explore and create.

Fee: $20 Supplies included.

Contact: Fresh A.I.R Gallery 

614.744.8110 or email MahLeah Art  info@mahleahart.com.

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